GrabNutz™ Locking T-Nuts Foil

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GrabNutz™ Locking T-Nuts are the last word in foil hardware. Made from only the best stainless steel 316 and available in both M8 and M6 versions, GrabNutz™ have a grub screw that lets you 'lock' the nut to your foil tracks when you have found the perfect position for your foil:

- No more fumbling with those damn nuts

- Know exactly where to place your foil

- Bolt your gear together in record time

What's in the bag:

4 x GrabNutz™, 6 x Grub Screws, 1 x Allen Key, 1 x Scary-as Sticker Thingy, 1 x huge time saving when setting up your gear!