SunTech JetSki Rescue Sled 71” jet ski

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Designed to be towed by PWC (Jet Ski) for fast rescue. Rescue PWC Tow Sleds Soft Hybrid 62-inch & 71-Inch is light weight and tough with aluminium stringer system (DAS). Padded handles for support and “last chance” loops. Nonslip deck. Ideal for Tow-In.

71-inch, WP: 39”, Thick 4.4” Weight: 23.1 lbs, Vol 162lts.
62-Inch, WP: 36″, Thick 4.3″ Weight: 19.8 lbs, Vol 119lts. 155cm x 90cm x 10cm

The Sled includes:

  1. Dual aluminum stringers and patented ultra light resistant
  2. Gore-Tex micro fiber air venting
  3. Padded handles and “last chance” loop
  4. Quick release attachment
  5. Soft edge protector all around
  6. Slick white fast bottom
  7. Anti-Slip Grip deck padding