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Bb Speaker

BbSPEAKER is completely different from general radio system. You won't press any button to talk.
BbTALKIN system (STANDARD device) + Speaker + Microphone +bb radio, bb sepaker is the "all in one" device.

● Intercall (group talk) ●
Pair with STANDARD, MASTER devices (Maximum 2 devices are able to pair on BbSpeaker) , Enjoy long range simultaneously call (2way open communication) 

The riders on the water talk to everyone on the shore. BbSPEAKER is also ideal for ski coaching. Set up the speakers at the start and goal points of the course, and the coach stands in the center of the course. Before the students start, the coaches explain the notes and can immediately announce the comments when the goal is reached. Because it is a simultaneous conversation system, students can also get opinions immediately.

● Handsfree / music ●
Pair with your smartphone. When the smartphone is in your pocket,  press a button on the BbSPEAKER to pick up a phone call, redial, or play music via bluetooth


● Smart walkietalkie radio function ●
Download Zello app (walkietalkie app), PTT button on the left side of BbSPEAKER is very useful when using this app.


Bluetooth 4.0

use time 6h-8h

Charging 3h

Range 1km

Waterproof IPX5

Weight 162g

Ski Coaching / Cycling Tour / Wakeboarding / Construction Work / Surveying Site

With BbSPEAKER, everyone can talk to the rider

BbSPEAKER can pair with another 2 devices, All you can talk in real time!(No need to push any button)