12V Electric Air pump. Inflatable/ kitesurfing/ SUP Compressor - Boat Inflator

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These high-pressure inflator pumps are an incredible dual action, automatic, 12 volt pump developed in Australia. Designed to blow up inflatable boats, kites etc with no effort at all. Just set the pressure read out wheel to the correct pressure and press the ON button, the pump will then inflate your boat to it's correct pressure and stop automatically.


How the pump works:

When the pump starts it will be on a HIGH VOLUME (Turbine) pump until the pressure reaches 2-3 psi. Then the pump will automatically switch over to the HIGH PRESSURE (Piston) pump and inflate the boat to its set pressure. Once reaching the set pressure the pump should automatically turn itself off.

The high-pressure inflator pump automatically stops at the pressure level that you have selected and is also ideal for deflating.

Comes with crocodile clips to connect to a 12V battery and with a Halkey-Roberts valve as well as 8 multi valve adapters.

Once you've used one of these pumps, you'll never manually pump your boat again.

Accessories included in your package:

  • Set of generic plastic adapters designed to fit most air valves
  • Soft carry bag with storage compartments and carry strap
  • 2.5m long Cable with gator clips to connect to external battery
  • 1.6m flex hose
  • Halkey-Roberts boat valve adapter


Set the air pressure in kPa's (10kP=1.45 psi) on your electric pump dial prior to operating the pump.

Pumps to 80 kPa or 12 psi max.

Never inflate an air valve that is locked as this will burn out the pump very quickly and will void warranty.