2017 Slingshot Gnarwhal Wakesurfer

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The Gnarwhal is our progressive surf shape with a snubbed nose and fat tail. This shape results in more surface area in a smaller space, so you can tuck into the sweet spot of the wave and work the power zones more efficiently. The Gnarwhal is great for attacking the lip and boosting airs, thanks to its fast rocker line and wide profile. For 2017 we’ve also added more nose rocker in the tip to allow you to focus on your airs without worry of pearling the nose. Enhanced rail channels also give the board extra grip when engaged against the wave. The Gnarwhal’s four-fin configuration provides the option of running it with two or four fins, and the tool-less FCSII system makes removing, installing and swapping-out fins a snap, literally. The belly of the Gnarwhal features a V-spine and double concave, which helps the board transition from rail to rail as well as an exaggerated concave rail throughout the length of the board to give surfers more grip as they press into the face of the wave.