2018 Slingshot Pill Wakeboard

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2018 Slingshot Pill Wakeboard PACKAGE INCLUDES:


+ 4 — .75” X 6” ( 1.9 x 15.2 CM ) WAKE FINS

2018 Slingshot Pill Wakeboard HIGHLIGHTS

+ Made for riders who like to go big

+ High-performance board for high-level riders

+ Rigid flex great for riders coming from traditional construction boards

+ Lots of traction for aggressive riding styles

+ Competition-level design

2018 Slingshot Pill Wakeboard CHARACTERISTICS

The Pill is a high-flying boat board built to be ridden with energy and speed. Perfect for advanced boat riders, the Pill features dual Naca tech channels and a firm flex pattern for big traction and instant pop off the wake. A three-stage rocker helps give the board more lift off the wake, and a center V-Spine profile helps to break up surface tension on the Pill’s massive landings.

The Pill is rigid, It’s hard hitting, it’s for the type of wakeboarder who may have flex reservations. The enthusiast who believes that a stiff flex is the key to success in their riding style. People who spend their time on the lakes and rivers charging hard at the wake, boosting to the flats, and looking for a board that can enable their aggressive riding style. 3-stage rocker, naca tech channels and the center spine help you boost off the wake, land with speed, and break up surface tension when landings in the flats. It’s a board for energetic boat riders looking to push their skills to new heights. For the up and comer, the aspiring competitor, and any other person who is curious about what a little flex might bring to their riding style.

Carbon Bedrock Inserts are our strongest and lightest mounting system yet Reinforced by patches of carbon fiber, the new four-pack inserts are ridiculously strong, but remain flexible, which allows for an uninterrupted flex pattern.
Slingshot’s Fusion Sidewalls are unlike any other rail in the industry. Urethane is poured as a liquid in one single shot, then cured seamlessly into the board’s wood core without staples or fasteners. These are hands-down the most durable rails in the game. 

VERTICALLY LAMINATED ALL WOOD CORE: Slingshot’s vertically laminated wood core construction utilizes the collective strength of wood’s end grain to create flex characteristics unlike any other material in wakeboards. This unique construction brings boards to life with a new level of energy under your feet. Benefits include bigger rebound for stronger pop, more forgiveness on landings and, of course, an unrivaled experience in the park.