2020 Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard

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134cm // 138cm // 142cm

The Contrast was built for those who can’t be fooled by butterflies and glitter. Tapered flex tips and a more rigid belly give the Contrast the perfect blend of cable and boat performance - it has all the pop and ollie power you need for behind boat while the flex tips delivered unmatched press-ability in the park. It’s a fast-carving,
freeride board that will cover all the bases - from first timers all the way to Carro Djupsjo status!
Art By: Kim Kirch

The Contrast is a fast, easy-riding board built for all riding
environments … for the girl who can’t be bothered by a couple of
butterflies and a pinch of glitter.

Package includes: Contrast Board, 4-.75” X 6” (1.9 X 15.2 CM) Wake Fins


Standard Flex Tips
Slingshot’s signature flex tips were introduced in 2017 and are available on models such as the Windsor, Solo, contrast, and Bishop Models. Designed to make nose and tail presses more exhilarating, flex tips are designed to move the flex point out from the belly of the board and more into the … tips … for a whole new feel on rails.

Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls
We’ve transferred the same technology found in high durometer urethane
skateboard wheels into the rail of all our boards. Our innovative manufacturing
process literally infuses the rail into the board cores in one single shot, producing
unrivaled dampening and durability

Ballistic Base
With .7mm’s of bulletproof protection between your board and the surfaces you’re
sliding across, our park base has been hammered on by the most abusive park
riders for years - Earning the ultimate seal of approval and certified “Ballistic”.

Atomic Wood Core
Vertically laminated wood core construction is what gives Slingshot boards their
famous flavor and flex.

Carbon Bedrock Inserts
Light, flexible and super strong, our inserts are reinforced with carbon fiber before
being inlaid into the board. Reduces overall board weight, increases pull strength
and allows for a more consistent flex under foot.

Edge Enhancers
Bolt on fins give riders the bite they need for holding an edge up the wake
and added stability on landings down the endless liquid tabletops. Just don’t
get caught trying to nosepress these bad boys through the park.