2020 Slingshot Option Boots

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WOMEN’S AND MEN’S SIZES: S/M // M/L // L/XL | SKU 120446

The Option boot is the perfect blend of high-end design
influence and entry-level functionality and value. It’s a boot
that can be shared amongst several riders thanks to the
open toe design, while the Gummy Strap closure provides
the comfort, performance and support of a full-function
closed toe boot. The Option’s tri-zone closure allows for a
customizable fit between different riders and allows for
comfortable use across a larger range of shoe sizes

The option is the highest-performance open-toe boot on the
market - a great entry into your full-blown wake addiction!

Package includes: Option boots, M6 Mounting Hardware


Classic Open Toe Design
Open toe boots are great when looking to share gear between riders. Some feet are bigger, others are smaller, and the open toe is accommodating for all

Tri-Zone Closure
Upper, middle, and lower zones can be customized using our signature Gummy
Straps to deliver the EXACT fit riders are looking for. Some like them tight at the
bottom, others like them tight at the top, then there are those who ride them all
FULLY CRANKED. The Choice is yours...

Interchangeable Gummy Straps (secondary colorway included)
Finally, a simple and effective solution to a problem that has afflicted
wakeboarding boots since the very beginning. Slingshot’s “Gummy Straps” area
revolutionary closure system that utilizes super strong, high-tension Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) to cinch your boots tight. No more loosening over time, no more Velcro, no more cumbersome closure systems: Gummy Straps stretch when you fasten them, then squeeze your boots tight as you ride. Gummy Straps are easily interchangeable and each boot comes with two sets of colors so you can customize your style.

Bottomless Base System
The bottomless base system places the toes and heels if the internal liners
DIRECTLY onto the surface of the board, giving riders the most “connected” feel to the board as well as the most immediate reaction of the board when initiating toe and heel pressure.

Integrated J-Bars
Located in the heels of each Slingshot boot liner, these built in J bars “embrace”
the achilles with love and affection, increasing comfort and helping to lock the
heel into position for the most secure fit.

3D Molded Tongue
The 3d molded tongue is all about comfort and fit, meaning it fits the contours of
your ankles the first time, eliminating the need to “break them in”.