Armstrong APF 1350 Foil

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Pump and downwind foiling for beginner-expert riders.

The APF (Armstrong Pump Foil) foils have redefined pump foiling potential with ultra-low stall speeds, incredible stability and high efficiency to take you further with less effort than ever. Now including the APF 1350 for lighter riders or riders of all weights seeking more speed and glide.

Achieve maximum time on foil
The APF's design DNA is rooted in efficient performance at low speeds thanks in part to a straight leading edge and high camber foil section. The foil section gives the APF a very low stall speed with excellent low speed controllability and predictability to go further in flatwater pumping or light downwinding. 

Rock solid stability
Stable when you need it, responsive when you want it. The APF delivers pitch stability in key phases of flight and a quick response to pitch inputs for zippy acceleration when you want it. The specially designed Pump 202 stabiliser works in harmony with the front foil to support flight speeds throughout the pump cycle. This solid feeling underfoot lets you focus on building your technique and developing efficiency to go further than ever before. 

World class design
Collaboratively designed by Armie Armstrong and engineer Chris Porter, the APF foils are the brainchild of their collective foil knowledge and design prowess. Chris and Armie’s approach to innovating and optimising all areas of the APF’s design have led to a pump foil that’s truly designed from tip to tip for performance and user friendliness. 


APF 1350
Area: 1350cm2
Span: 1202mm
Aspect Ratio: 10.7