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The first foils in the new Armstrong Performance Series, the Downwind Performance range was specifically developed to race in the SUP downwind division across Hawaii’s interisland channels. Already a proven Molokai2Oahu World Championship podium-finisher under the feet of team rider Oskar Johansson, the DW Performance range is tailored for expert level SUP downwind aficionados seeking next level freedom in open water.


  • Maximum glide:Aspect ratio (AR) 13.0-13.55
  • Ultra-premium construction: Made from Toray intermediate and high modulus carbon fibre.
  • Stable at speed: A thin section and subtle anhedral to dihedral shape becomes more pitch and roll stable at higher speeds without feeling locked in.
  • Evolutive section profile: The foil section is slightly different at each station across the foil span for maximum efficiency.