BWS surf Vibe 1 strut kite

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Performance & Design

The V1BE might be the first true single strut wave kite but its drift and smooth handling translates to foiling meaning you can keep your quiver simple. Combining the lightness and upwind performance of 1-strut design with our gold standard Signature Drift, stability and turning, the V1BE will take you from the waves to the glide with ease. 

The V1BE’s designer, Dano See, has been experimenting with and refining the 1-strut wave kite for years and is finally satisfied with the results. “This wave design is something we have been working on for some time now because we wanted to get it perfect, and we all believe it is!” 


Stability– 1-strut design has come a long way but most people assume they’re very unstable. Unlike others, the V1be’s design has been balanced with increased LE diameter and a lower aspect ratio* to give incredible stability in all areas of the window, especially while on the wave!


*Aspect ratio is medium-low which allows the kite to create more apparent wind in the light air while increasing its ability to turn on a smaller arc. Combined with our constant curve profile we do not encounter unstable canopy or flutter issues with such a low aspect in higher winds.


Drift – Our priority is kiting waves and that means having excellent Drift is critical. The V1be offers all that BWSURF SIGNATURE DRIFT with its lightweight construction and single strut precision balancing out to allow you the space to ride the wave. 


Upwind performance- Thin profile shape allows the kite to edge up wind tight allowing maximum upwind performance.


Turning performance- The closed arc shape allows the kite to pivot on a smaller arc with less power required to deliver a fast and smooth turn.


Relaunch– A fast re-launch can be critical, especially out in the waves. So you might be worried that having only a centre strut will decrease the kite’s re-launch capability. Fortunately we’ve thought of this; all of our kites have an increased LE curve, meaning the kite sits free from the water so you can reset it to re-launch position quickly and easily. Have you ever wondered why BWSurf kites do not sit flat on the beach? That’s why! 


Bar pressure- The V1be’s sheeting stroke is positioned close, reducing the bar pressure and extending your session, especially at the top end. 


Power delivery- Smooth and precise power thanks to constant curve profile and LE curve.


Weight and design- Weight is reduced with no unnecessary parts or heavy materials. Built lightweight but strong to take a beating. No Dacron was used in the trailing edge, yet a double ply canopy with an internal Dyneema line offers support and strength to the profile.


Flutter- What Flutter? The profile design is aimed for the most stable canopy possible. No need for heavy materials or battens. Even at the high end this kite is full and clean.


Wind range- For a 1-strut design we have managed to create the best of both worlds; lightweight and efficient low end while retaining stability and performance in the high end. We recommend using 22m lines from 5 to 9m, but from 11m up we recommend adding 2m extensions giving you 24m lines for even smoother handling.


Wave riding with 85kg rider

15M 10-18kts

13M 12-21kts

11M 14-24kts

9M 17-28kts

7M 20-32kts

5M 25-37kts


Foiling with 85kg rider

15M 8-14kts

13M 9-15kts

11M 10-17kts

9M 11-19kts

7M 2-22kts

5M 16-29kts