Duotone PRO WAM 2021

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  • Completely new shape & completely new kids model!


  • All-round high-performance board
  • Controlled bottom turns
  • Explosive top turns
  • High-performance contest board


  • Cork Shock Absorber 2.0
  • Light Team Construction
  • Technora deck
  • Carbon beam

The Pro WAM is great for riders down to around 50kg, but we really needed something smaller. Now, this Pro Wam 5′3″ is specially designed for kiters from 40–65kg. From a business perspective, I think the market is not huge, but I’ve definitely had a lot of requests recently to make custom boards for riders who are starting really young. I think it′s the best thing we can possibly hope for, because these kids are the future of kitesurfing and we also are aware of our responsibility to keep the sport fresh and interesting for the next generations, competing with all the distractions our modern world has to offer.

As any rider knows, it′s really important to have the right size board for your weight. A really light rider using a board with too much size, weight and volume will simply not be able to get the same performance and feeling they would out of a board that suits their weight.

The WAM is a great all-rounder and in fact, some of our top riders on the GKA like Airton and Matchu are also using the WAM at times for strapless Freestyle. This is also the reason we chose the WAM model as the board for the groms because it is for sure our best all-round design that bridges the gap between all styles of surfboard riding.