Fanatic Aero Foil Mast and Fuselage Set

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The Aero Foil from Fanatic enjoyed a little extra time in the design phase this year, and it seems it was well worth the wait!  Super efficient and stable design, the construction and assembly of the Aero Foil is rock solid with almost no wobble/slip or movement that plagues some other designs.  New wing profile creates consistent and stable lift that is extremely controllable, making catching and riding waves easier than ever before.

3 wing sizes available, 1500, 2000 & 2500.  Pair these with two different back wings along with two different fusleage & mast lengths offering a high level of flexibility allowing you to tweak your foils performance to suits your skill level, conditions and style of riding.

Wings are a carbon construction both front and back, and fuselage/mast and mounting plate are all durable aluminium construction.  Fitted with stainless helicoils in the aluminium joints to increase strength and durability of the threads and connection, as well as greatly reduce the corrosion issues present when using stainless screws in aluminium. 

The Fanatic Aero is sold as a 2 part combo, the Mast & Fuselage set makes up the body of your foil and includes the carry bag & other fittings, in addition to this you'll want at least 1 wing set, including a front & back wing to add to your foil.