Fanatic Sky Surf Prone foil board

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4’8” / 142.2 cm  20.5” / 52.1 cm 35l

5’2” / 157.5 cm 21” / 53.3 cm 41l

5’11” / 180.3 cm  22” / 55.9 cm 60l

Easy foiling

Stable & quick to paddle

Ultra compact & manoeuvrable underfoot

Incredible glide

Makes poor conditions feel amazing


As foil surfing evolves, so too does the next generation of our dedicated foil surfboard. A more curved ‘surfier’ outline with increased rocker and a kick – tail make for easier take-offs and reduces drag in steeper waves; while bevelled rails and pulled-in nose with deep double concaves makes touch-downs more neutral and forgiving. The new 5’11” size is perfect for both prone surf beginners and advanced wingfoil riders.