Fluid TwoSeven Kiteboard

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Fluid kiteboarding TWOSEVEN WOOD

Short description

The Fluid kiteboarding Twoseven has been totally redesigned by Gilion. As this is his signature board, it has been designed to perfection for high speed freeriding and freestyling.  The new Twoseven has been improved to perform in the most extreme conditions.  With a new 3D base with additional gripchannels this improves the boards performance / grip in extreme conditions.  No more skitting and sliding around.  Extreme conditions ask for extreme grip, even when riding very high speed to make those huge jumps or throwing exteme kiteloops.

For this version we chose to use the natural wood with burned graphics!  Using a torch we’re burning the grain of each board!  So yes all boards are unique and none will look exactly the same.  Even the bottom graphic is fully burned into the wood!  This board really gives you a unique connection with Mother Nature! Even for those who are not riding in extreme conditions the Two seven is an amazing asset. With huge pop, easy handling and upwind performance even beginners can benefit from the Twoseven.  Your first meters on a kiteboard, your first jump, your first trick the Twoseven will help you out!

The Twoseven is an allround twintip that has an amazing character to perform in both waves and flat water conditions
The Twoseven  has a special outline at the tips of the board which include our Spray Reduction Tip (SRT).
SRT will reduce the spray to almost zero. No more red eyes after you had a good session! At the end of the board you'll find our weight reduction gap.  With only 2.4 KG as average weight this a super light kiteboard.

The 3D top design and 3 stage rocker with a very small concave and dual grip-channels give the Twoseven the perfect character for all riders.  The advanced flex tech offers you soft landings, smooth riding and explosive pop when you demand it.
The playful feel, solid upwind performance and 4mm rounded rail make this a board everyone will enjoy.

Fluid kiteboarding TWOSEVEN: a true all-round kiteboard of European build. 100% Quality, 100% Fun, 100% your perfect choice of board.


A board which you will never outgrow.!

H. vanderheijden- The Netherlands

Hitting the wave with this board is a real joy. Stays remarkable stable in the chop even at high speeds A board which you will never outgrow.

Perfect all-round board!

L. Evers - The Netherlands

The Twoseven woodseries is the perfect all-round board for beginners as well as more experienced kiters. It provides a steady grip in the long straight runs AND is very agile while making turns (even when you're 1.96m like myself). This is mostly due to the innovative rail design, combined with the side curvature and length/width ratio.

The footpads are durable and fit very well, even with large feet (EU size 48).

Biggest plus for this board is the AWESOME looks! The wood pattern really pops out and gives the board a true artisan feel.

It makes you feel more confident while riding!

F. van ginnikken - The Netherlands

When I made the switch to the twoseven wood series I was very surprised with how stable the board is and the grip it provides. The most important thing for me personal was the fact it makes you feel more confident while riding. Of course looks are an personal preference but it looks awesome!! Puts an smile on my face every time I get on the water!!

+ Beginner friendly
+ Stable
+ Grip
+ Gives confidence
+ Allround

Maximized my riding and woo score!

Kitextreme - The Netherlands

I've been riding this board for 4 months and it keeps surpising me how easy it is to go upwind, pop and land. I've can honestly say i've improved my woo score because of this board due to the speed and grip the board has.

+ Beginner friendly
+ Pop
+ Quality of product
+ Light weight
+ Allround
+ Price
+ Grip
+ bombproof
+ High speed
+ Lowend
+ Highend
+ Smooth performance
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