Ion Neo Gloves

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ION Neo Gloves 2/1
Surf Gloves

The ION Neo Glove is a glove specially made for wind or kite surfers. The gloves are 2 mm thick and lined with ION's Hot Stuff. The seams are glued which results in an almost completely waterproof glove. Due to the long wrist end, you can easily put your suit under it. All this ensures a warm glove for the winter.

Features of the ION Neo Gloves 2/1:

  • Surf Gloves
  • 2/1 mm
  • 90% Nylon / 10% Spandex
  • Hot Stuf
Size circumference around knuckle
XS 19,5cm
S 20,5cm
M 21,5cm
L 22,5cm
XL 23,5cm