Konrad 2021 SUP Glidr

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For 2021 the Konrad SUP GLIDR has a whole new hull shape, we can add more nose lift and still efficiently move through the water. The best way to describe this is "slippery". This new hull allows the SUP to fit in short period waves for down winding while paddling onto the foil and be less prone to nose-diving on touchdowns. You will see a very soft entry and slight "V" on the bottom then to flat.

The deck is flat at the front of the board with a very slight concave towards the rear which gives a very stable pumping platform. The tail has a hydrosheer step to "V" angle for easy release and reduced tail stick.

This board is fully optioned with pull out handles in the deck and bottom, foot strap inserts that allow side by side mount options or single cross. The nose has a single futures box for mounting a fin. This can assist paddlers who want tracking while stroking hard on one side of the board

Finishing off the deck pad is a new generic SUP Clutch pad which will be available separately. This 8 piece corduroy grip pad fits each size SUP GLIDR.

This board is for riders who want to SUP foil, downwind or Wing.

5'4 x 25 1/8" x 4 4'8 85L
6’0 x 28 1/4” x 5” 118.3L
6’4 x 31” x 5 1/16” 138.4L
6’8 x 32 1/2” x 5 1/16” x 152.5L