North Speedster foil

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The 2018 North Speedster Combo Kitesurfing Hydrofoil is the most diverse foil on the market! No other kitesurfing hydrofoil has such a diverse speed range in which the foil maintains that complete “locked in” controlled.

Included Components
  • 90 cm alluminium mast
  • High lift front and rear wings with stabilising winglets
  • Chemically fused baseplate
  • Stainless steel assembly bolts
  • Precision engineered fuselage
  • Fully padded travel bag


Key Features

Stabilising Winglets
The 2018 North Speedster Combo Hydrofoil is unique in its design as North have engineered stabilising winglets for both the front and rear wings. These winglets are advantageous in that they increase the lateral stability when foiling straight downwind, or when you aren’t leaning off the kite. Without these winglets the hydrofoil would slide out, and potentially roll underneath your feet. The winglets on the front wing improve the turning radius for a tighter, smoother, more controlled turn, making roll tacks and jibing a breeze.

Speed Range
The Speedster Combo has an extraordinary speed range. It can sustain lift whilst moving from 5 knots, up to 25 knots. This speed range makes the 2018 North Speedster Combo the perfect kitesurfing hydrofoil for beginners, through to advanced riders. This foil does it all!

Rear Wing Adjustability
The Speedster Combo comes with an rear wing adjustability wedge that can be inserted between the rear wing and fuselage. The adjustability wedge enables the rider to change the angle of attack on the rear wing. Standard assembly without the wedge gives the foil a greater low speed stability, and allows the rider to be up and foiling in light wind conditions. With the wedge assembled, the high speed stability is improved for those long touring or racing days with mates. The rear wing adjustibility is what allows the 2018 North Speedster Combo Hydrofoil to have the highest speed range on the market!

The front & rear wings, along with the fuselage are manufactured from a unique, and incredibly durable carbon compound designed for its high strength and low weight. The mast is extrude aluminium manufactured to automobile standard in Germany. The baseplate has incorporated Formula 1 fusion technology to chemically weld it to the mast. This provides the stiffest, strongest platform for you to ride on.