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Ridge Mount FoilMount

The Ridge Mount is a incredibly strong and durable hydrofoil track system to convert any surf ,SUP, Kite, wake or skimboard into a hydrofoil board, Just stick and ride !

The Ridge Mount is the standard mount with a relief cut down the middle allowing for a mount on top of a ridge (slight V) on the bottom of the board. The surface still needs to be fairly flat, but allows for a slight V where the FoilMount will be installed.

The 2.0 Standard now includes:
-Upgraded FoilMount plate with one piece adhesive backing
-4 high strength brass slider nuts
-1 set of 4 flat head M8x16mm bolts for Slingshot, Liquid Force, Cabrinha, and most other hydrofoils.
-1 set of 4 flat head M6x12mm bolts for Takuma Surf hydrofoils
-1 set of 4 pan head M8x20mm bolts for Moses and older Liquid Force foils
(instructions, alcohol pads, scotch-brite pad, FoilMount plate)