Takuma Kujira 1095 HA

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Takuma introduces the new 1095 Kujira foil, inspired by humpback whales. The name Kujira is Japanese for whale. 

Takuma has some japanese roots, not only with the name of the brand, part of R&D is actually located in Japan. There is an element of biomimicry in the innovation and engineering process on the Kujira foil, as it is fully inspired by humpback whales. 


High aspect & high manuverability

Delivering exceptional glide and a fast top end speed. The intelligent design allows it to maintain a high level of manuverability and stability for such a high aspect wing. With smooth acceleration and insanely effortless pumping.


Rounded, upturned winglets

The new less aggressive, smooth-edged winglets eliminate turbulence and give a very pure and stable feeling while in flight. The added control allows for a more progressive lift.


Inspired by humpback whales

The Kujira 1095 is designed with more pronounced ridges on the leading edge. This create channels for smooth velocity at low speed and additional stability.


Immense glide

Delivering a progressive lift that is stable and controlled, the 1095 performs brilliantly on the surface, with an extremely low stall speed, delivering a sensational yet forgiving ride.


Rail to rail riding

The seamless rail to rail transfer of the 1095 is something riders have been dreaming about, while maintaining height even at low speed. Gone are the days where you need to constantly pummel to gain power.

It is so easy to handle and it excels in performance for a wide variety of foiling disciplines. It’s equally perfect for wing foil and surf foil


 "Smooth acceleration and insanely effortless -  easy to handle and it excels in performance for a wide variety of foiling disciplines."


Higher aspect - more glide - same surf feel and pump - lift is much more progressive

Surface: 1095 cm2

Chord: 151,7 mm

Wingspan: 956 mm

ARatio  E/C:  6,3