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The Takuma LOL LB1300 is a super efficient foil offering unbelievable trim and glide.

This foil was designed by Foil Master Laurent Borgna and they are changing the game and setting new bench marks in high performance foiling.  It's versatile shape is extremely efficient and offers great all round performance from the beginner to elite user.

The LB1300 usage is recommended for waves and light wind and suitable for lighter to medium riders wanting a foil which can surf swell, or slightly heavier riders wanting a foil which can take lots of energy in larger conditions.

Takuma have created an extremely well balance foil with little bias towards either being front or rear foot orientated, which truly sets itself apart from the pack.  This foil will have you up in know time as most foils are front foot orientated forcing surfers to rewire and alter their surf stance.

The LB1300 comes in at just 3.9kg inclusive of alloy mast and fuselage for a well balanced and light-weight alloy option.

The LB1300 can be used for SUP foiling, surf foiling, tow-ins and wind wing foiling.

This foil is suitable for: Beginners to Advanced users seeking a versatile and well balanced option to add to their quiver.


CONSTRUCTION Carbon Wings with Alloy Mast
MAST 70cm
FRONT WING Span: 790mm, Chord: 210mm, Surface Area: 1300cm2
REAR WING Span: 380mm, Chord: 85mm, Surface Area: 270cm2
SKILL LEVEL Beginner/Intermediate - Advanced
USE All Rounder