Takuma Wing Ride 3 Foil WR3 WRIII

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The Takuma Wing Ride takes inspiration from kiting and windsurfing to create an innovative and exciting ride. Without any lines, masts, or harnesses, the Wing Ride is easy to use and requires minimal set up.

Back in 2019 Takuma & Wing Ride, launched their first Wing. The past few
months have been full of adjustment and incredible discoveries leading us to new levels of
performance. We are now proud to present to you the new wing WR 3. We feel this new model is the most balanced, stable and powerful wing on the market.
The new WR will take you from your first hesitant wing riding moments to the most
advanced level rides like wave riding, downwinding, jumping, speed runs, in fact whatever
radical variations your imagination can take it through, thanks to its amazing stability and
forward drive. Our design process has been focused on stability and ease of use, paired
with a stiffness that allows the most comfortable and efficient ride available.

Includes Wing, Backpack, Pump, and Repair Kit

  • Express Inflation Air Valve
  • Double Inflation System
  • Attached Paddle Holder