Unifoil Progression Front Foil Wing

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Unifoil Progression Front foil wings.

The groundbreaking collaboration between Erik Antonson (the Progression Project) and Unifoil’s designer and inventor of the high aspect wing, Clifford Coetzer is finally here.

This is no ordinary foil, this wing is the result of uncompromising dedication and attention to detail. Erik, and Unifoil’s years of combined knowledge and experience designing and studying foil sections, profiles, outlines and cambers have gone into the design that we are calling the High Aspect 3.0.

The Progression gives riders a stable platform to build on whether you are a beginner to intermediate rider wanting to figure out your pump, or a pro doing backflips, we have sizes and setups to suit all. Put simply, the Progression wing will take you from where you currently are, and propel your riding level into the stratosphere.