Zian V4 Control Bar

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  • 40cm with 22m lines
  • 45cm with 22m lines
  • 55cm with 24m lines

Released by Zian Kites Australia, the new ZA Control Bar delivers safety, session-extending comfort, and empowering performance.  With an integrated design, the ultra-safe Bar features streamlined components for a clean, clutter-free, ergonomic experience.  Better yet, the new ZA Control Bar features a Single Front Line Safety Systems. The result? Seamless, simple, easy-to-use safety and control.

At the heart of the Control Bar lies the ClamCleat Power Adjuster, offering custom-engineered power management, conveniently located above the bar.  Our Next Level Quick release delivers lightning quick push-away safety release, click to reset chicken loop (easiest to reset on the market) and an integrated below bar swivel — so simple and easy to use that it’s instinctual.

The backbone of the new ZA Control Bar is the light weight, ergonomic bar stick wrapped in contoured, EVA to fit your grip. The bar features all the other bells and whistles too: NEXT.GENERATION premium kite lines from Teufelberger, slimline tangle-free floaters, adjustable line length, throw stopper, line bungees, recoiling leash.

Safe, streamlined, and reliable — this refined Control Bar is the perfect complement to a next-level ZIAN kite.

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